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In addition, there is information on filing a trade mark application, we find out about the Women’s Irish Network Breakfast and invite you to join us for a curry.
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In this edition, we find out about passing off and learn that imitation is not always the sincerest form of flattery, as well as discover the circumstances in which an employee can claim that protected disclosures were made in the public interest. We also take a fresh look at fractional ownership and the pitfalls to be aware of, and discover the importance of full and frank disclosure in financial proceedings connected to divorce. There’s an introduction to Silverman Sherliker’s newest team members and a unique comparison between the art of mediation and a Shakespearean play.

Passing off – where in the world are your customers?

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but imitation is rarely welcomed in the business world because it usually means that someone somewhere is profiting from another’s intellectual property rights or goodwill.


Protected disclosures under the Employment Rights Act 1996

Senior Employment Partner Nicholas Lakeland was recently interviewed by Diana Bentley on behalf of LexisNexis about the circumstances in which an employee can claim that protected disclosures were made in the public interest and also considered the anticipated judgment in Chesterton Global Limited v Nurmohamed.


Fractional ownership – a fresh look

Jonathan Silverman raises a number of aspects to be considered by buyers of fractional schemes.


The importance of full and frank disclosure in financial proceedings connected to divorce

Family law solicitor Victoria Goodhall discusses two cases which came before the Supreme Court that highlight the importance of being honest about your finances during the course of financial proceedings connected to divorce/dissolution.


Changes to adoption

The end of May saw the Queen deliver her speech and make a much expected comment on adoption.


Silverman Sherliker’s new people

The Partners are delighted to announce that three of Silverman Sherliker’s departments have recently been boosted by the arrival of new specialists.


All’s well that ends well?

Amelia Garman compares the art of mediation to a Shakespearean play.


Trade marks: To file or not to file?

Most will know the concept of a trade mark and many will have a good idea about the rights a trade mark registration affords its owner. However, in a particular situation, few understand the risks associated with filing a trade mark application. In this article, Billy Jenks considers a particular situation where it may be best to ‘let sleeping dogs lie’.


‘Out and about’

On 19 May, our Family Partner, Stala Charalambous, was the guest of Mary Daly at the Women’s Irish Network Breakfast (WIN) in Corrigans of Mayfair; kindly sponsored by AIB Bank.


You’re invited to The London Curry Club

Networking In The City together with Silverman Sherliker LLP invite you to attend lunch at the Curryleaf Restaurant.


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